It’s no secret that AI is revolutionising the business world as we know it. Companies in all different industries are realising the benefits of this innovative technology. One of its biggest appeals is its ability to streamline processes and boost productivity amongst employees. 

However, that’s only the case if it’s implemented and monitored properly – using the wrong type of AI technology in the wrong way could be devastating to a business. It’s important for companies to do their due diligence when exploring the possibilities of AI integration within their business. 

If you’re yet to realise its benefits, or are interested in how it can be used specifically to improve your productivity, here are three ways in which AI could do just that. 

Aiding creativity 

Whether you’re a copywriter, designer or working in any other creative role, facing that mental block that prevents you from getting your ideas out onto the page can have a huge impact on your productivity. If you’ve ever sat staring blankly at the screen asking why the right words or sketches won’t magically appear, AI could hold the answers. There are so many tools available online that can provide inspiration to help get you started, from topic ideas for blogs to intros hooks, and templates to help you break through that block. 

AI can also be used to aid the writing process itself. However, if you are leveraging AI tools to create content for you, it’s important to carefully check over what it produces, since you may find certain stats to be out of date, or the wording to be somewhat repetitive. To maximise productivity, it’s crucial to find the right balance between relying too heavily on AI and ignoring its potential altogether. 

Extracting data 

Have you ever been faced with hundreds of pages of text, knowing that the one piece of useful information is buried in there somewhere? As much as it’s a skill to be able to scan large bodies of text and extract the data you need, this can be an incredibly time-consuming process, where your skills could be put to better use elsewhere. In fact, according to research, a simple AI solution could mean 40% fewer hours are needed for processing paperwork. This translates to around 2,000 hours saved per 100,000 pages processed for the average company. 

Fortunately, AI is adept at interpreting large amounts of text and summarising it to reduce the time it takes to find the information yourself. Using AI in this way can provide you with useful insights you may otherwise not have spotted, and it can have any number of uses. Whether you’re looking to analyse a client’s account to provide recommendations, or perhaps interpret market trends to spot your next opportunity, AI and machine learning technology will save you both time and resources next time you need to find that needle in the haystack. 

Optimise the hiring process

The recruiting landscape has changed dramatically as AI has become more prominent. The technology can be used in so many different ways, from identifying the most suitable candidates (even those who haven’t applied), to communicating with applicants to answer their queries or provide updates on the process. Removing the human aspect from these tasks will free up more time for employees and could ultimately help companies to secure their next hire faster.

It’s worth noting that there are multiple ethical and legal considerations to using AI as part of your hiring process. To avoid incurring any legal or financial penalties as a result of your AI use, make sure you do your research to understand the industry standards and potential implications for misuse of the technology. 

Boost productivity with effective AI implementation

It’s clear that AI has a whole host of uses for businesses in all different industries. From using free tools to having custom technology created for you, there are a range of options when it comes to using the technology. By understanding your business needs, you will be able to make the right decisions around AI implementation.