Kickstart Case Studies
Two case studies from local Kickstarters who have recently been employed.
Apprenticeship Coffee and Chat
Tuesday 5th April
The Modern Sales Environment: Create, Commit, Close
Linked to his three-part webinar mini-series Jamie Martin will take you on a journey in making you and your business aware to your future customers an...
How your business can make a positive impact by doing less bad and more good
Sustainability is being talked about as “the latest trend” - but it is more than a fad. For some time it has been a strategic business imperative, and...
case study
Apprenticeship Employer Case Study - Tim Burghes
We explore the advantages of taking on an apprentice with Digital Marketing Manager Tim Burghes.
Apprenticeship Case Study - Amy Wetherill
As a former A Level school leaver, I had no idea how to start on a career path. After completing further research regarding Apprenticeships, I realise...
case study
Apprenticeship Case Study- Sarah Pearce
With real life experience truly reinforcing the learning aspect of the role, I find myself being sincerely supported from all aspects, whilst pushing ...
5 top tips for small businesses
Our friends at the Business Support Helpline have put together 5 top tips for supporting businesses.
Success Without Sacrifice
Lindsey Burden, an intuitive business coach based in Salisbury, shares her insights into why you need to consider your future business goals before ma...
COP26: How green shipping could impact your business
While the dust still settles on COP26, business are attempting to digest what the conference means for them. After two weeks of speeches, negotiations...
COP26: What the conference means for carbon emissions measurement
In a bid to make the UK the first “net zero aligned global financial centre”, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced at COP26 that, by 2023, British financi...
The Post Lockdown Skills Gap
In a new, post lockdown reality can we expect a ‘return to normal’ when all evidence points to a widening skills gap and faltering productivity?
Getting onboard with offsetting
Carbon offsetting is sometimes wrongly viewed as a panacea for companies looking to lower their carbon footprint and boost their environmental sustain...
My Kickstart Experience
An overview and personal point of view into the Kickstart scheme, giving a narrative of what the skills and knowledge I personally developed during th...
Is your business ready for 2022?
As businesses become more conscious of their digital footprint – let’s look at the top 5 marketing trends and predictions for 2022
How your business can join the EV revolution
One technology with huge potential to drive the green revolution is electric vehicles (EVs). That said, in the past, cost and limited charging infrast...
The Buyer Journey: How and Why It’s Crucial To Your Business
HubSpot summarizes this perfectly: “The buyer’s journey is the active research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase.”
Customer Persona: Why It's Important
Customer personas should drive all of your marketing efforts.
What can businesses expect from COP26?
With COP26 fast approaching, we take a look at three of the conference’s main talking points – transport, energy, and nature – to understand what your...
Gained skills whilst working in the Retail Environment
Skills gained whilst facing a range of experiences within the retail environment
Inside the world of hospitality
A deeper look into what life is like for those within the hospitality industry.
Don’t underestimate the power of really good content
Have you got content in your marketing strategy or are you missing a trick?
GH Webinar
How to build your best brand story
A compelling and memorable brand story requires creative exploration into what you stand for, the narrative you wish to communicate and the way in whi...
GH Webinar
Beyond furlough: the future for your business
Consider your (many) options. Plan ahead. Don't assume the worse. Kathryn Roynon, HR Director outlines the many positive options for your busines...
GH Webinar
Learn the power of LinkedIn
Join James Potter where he explores the world of LinkedIn and how to use it to your advantage across two brand new Growth Hub Webinars.
GH Webinar
Why you should have a People Strategy
Kiki Kirby, HR expert and business consultant and coach, outlines some key actions to make effective changes to help get the best out of the people in...
GH Webinar
Why better health means better business
When we talk about wellbeing at work, what do we really mean and does it really make businesses more profitable? If it does, how do we know? Rosie R...
GH Webinar
Business Loan Approval – What You Need to Know
SWIG Finance shares the crucial information you need to know before getting a business loan, ahead of their Growth Hub Webinar, 'Business Loan Approva...
GH Webinar
Leadership lessons from a turnaround - by Bill Alexander
Bill shares his seven key areas to ensure that your business moves forward in the right direction. These were covered in his webinar which can be vie...
Essential Information
Business Sustainability: The Essentials
Sustainability is a business approach to creating long-term value by taking into consideration how a given organisation operates in the ecological, so...
GH Webinar
Going Digital
Kate Doodson shares the lessons she's learnt and why she think going digital is still the number one business issue for 2021.
Exporting to the EU – who does what?
This article summarises a case study of a UK business exporting to an EU country. The business wanted to know: • Do we need to charge VAT? • Do w...
EU Transition – guidance for professional and business services
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
EU Transition – actions for retail
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
EU Transition – actions for the aerospace sector
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
EU Transition – actions for the electronics and machinery sector
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
EU Transition – actions for the metals and materials sector
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
EU Transition – Actions for the automotive sector
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
EU Transition – actions for the life sciences sector
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
EU Transition – actions for the construction sector
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
EU Transition – actions for the chemicals sector
A range of new advice and guidance is available from Government following the end of the EU transition period. This article lists the key sources of a...
GH Webinar
Getting into Gear for business success
The Swindon and Wiltshire Growth Hub are delighted that Bill has agreed to present a series of webinars which have been designed to talk through some ...
Essential Information
EU Exit: Guidance for Businesses
Doing business with Europe has changed. You need to follow new rules on exports, imports, tariffs, data and hiring. Read this guide first and explore...
GH Webinar
The secret to crowdfunding
Anthony has given us an insight into his new Webinar mini-series, where he will be discussing all things crowdfunding - a funding source which now fun...
GH Webinar
Your Business from a financial perspective – Where do you start? How do you fini...
Purple Lime Accountancy gives us an introduction to their brand new six-part Growth Hub webinar series: Your Business from a financial perspective.
GH Webinar
Leadership is an Art – “To be great we must practise every day”
Leadership is an Art – “To be great we must practise every day” (quote by Max De Pree)
GH Webinar
“Make money by doing good” – a series of Webinars to show you why and how
Check out this preview of our brand new webinar series, “Make money by doing good”, presented by Rod Hebden.
GH Webinar
Looking After Your Mental Health at Work
How can we come to terms with 2020 and prepare for the challenges of 2021?
GH Webinar
Pandemic Pricing by Alison Edgar MBE
The importance of really understanding your pricing strategy, setting the right pricing level and, perhaps the most important part, valuing what you d...
Providers currently offering free training
Staying safe outside your home
The principles you should follow to ensure that time spent outside your home is as safe as possible.
Boris Johnson releases 'Our Plan to Rebuild'
Boris Johnson outlines plan to rebuild nation back to 'normality' through new plan, following his speech to the nation on 10th May.
Twitter vs. Instagram: the pros and cons for small businesses
The pro's and con's of using both twitter and/or instagram for your small business.
Business resilience in a COVID-19 world
“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” Nelson Mandela
Offer coronavirus (COVID-19) support from your business
Use this service to tell us how your business might be able to help with the response to coronavirus.
COVID-19: guidance for employees, employers and businesses
Guidance for employees, employers and businesses in providing advice about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
How to clean workplaces safely
What you need to know about keeping your place of work safe from COVID-19
Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can't do
Published 29 March 2020
Becoming an Ebay trader
Moving to a digital shop front can help with the downturn for all retailers at this present time.
Social Media for Business
'Social media' is the general term used to describe websites, apps and platforms whose users can create, submit and share content or participate in so...
Selling Goods Online
In this guide, we outline the legal requirements for traders selling goods (products or digital content) online.
A simple guide to working from home
Stay sane, fit and healthy when you have to work from your home environment
Crisis Communication and Management Templates
Manage, plan for, and communicate during your corporate crises with these crisis management plan templates.
Business Continuity Planning
This article explains how to make a continuity plan to ensure that a business can operate as effectively as possible if a serious incident occurs.
Construction Industry Scheme
What is the Construction Industry Scheme, how does it work and who does it effect?
Sources of Finance for Starting a Business
Is the start of 2020 the start of a new business for you? If so you’ll need to know how to finance it.
Apply for more time to file your company’s accounts
How to request an extension to your Companies House filing deadline if an unplanned event stops you filing your accounts.
Social Media and your Business
We all use social media today but what is it and how can your business use it?
Setting up and Running a Payroll System
A brief guide to payroll systems
Support for Businesses through Funding and Finance
A review of a few of the sources of Business Support and Funding
Controlling the costs of your business
How to identify and monitor business costs and how to carry out cost-benefit analysis
Setting an internet and e-mail policy in the workplace
An introductory guide for policy setting
Faraday battery challenge
An overview of government’s challenge to industry and research to develop the next generation of batteries for vehicles and other applications.
Prospering from the energy revolution
An overview of government’s challenge to industry and research to create more efficient energy systems and benefit the UK economy from the global upta...
Healthy ageing and funding for Business
The healthy ageing challenge asks industry and researchers to develop products and services to help people remain independent, productive, active and ...
From data to early diagnosis and precision medicine
An overview of government’s challenge to industry and research to use existing health data to improve early diagnosis and precision treatment of disea...
The Grand Challenge Missions: Our Industrial Strategy in 2019
A review of the grand challenges that make up the Governments Industrial Strategy
What are the Legal Requirements for Business Websites
A review of the basic obligations for businesses online
Business Continuity Advice & Guidance
How to prepare your business for those small or large things (accidental or deliberate) which may cause unforeseen problems to your business.
An Introduction to Creating a Food Safety Management System
A Food Safety Management System (FSMS) helps a food business operator avoid potential hazards in food preparation and handling.
How to Forecast Sales - Guide
Sales forecasting is a crucial part of setting up and running a business and is essential for ongoing business planning.
Meeting the challenges of growth
As your business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions.
The 5 most common mistakes in preparing and drafting grant proposals
In this article, GRANTfinder Senior Consultant Remco van der Zouw describes what he’s learned over years.
Developing a Marketing Plan
Developing a marketing plan is one of the most effective ways for a small business to survive and thrive, especially in increasingly competitive times
Writing a Business Plan
This tool describes what a business plan should include, how to write one and what are its benefits.
Community News
Is your business taking advantage of the latest technology?
Don't fall behind this fast moving industry.
Apprenticeships: A cost effective route to obtaining and retaining a skilled wor...
Potentially a fully funded path to hundreds of apprenticeship qualifications.
Shaping the future of Salisbury
Wiltshire Council needs your opinions to help shape the future of Salisbury city centre.
Strategic planning for growth
Creating a strategic plan is a key component of planning for growth. It will help prepare a realistic vision for the future of your business and maxim...
Is your business ready to scale?
Is scaling-up the right strategy for you? Understanding how your business is currently performing is key to help you decide.
An Introduction to Cyber Essentials Certification
Whats the purpose and benefits to Cyber Essentials, the government-backed cyber security certification scheme for small firms.
SMEs & Apprenticeships: Recruiting a Balanced Approach
Navigating apprenticeships from an SME perspective in Swindon & Wiltshire.
Accelerating the UK
Beauhurst has published an excellent report – Accelerating the UK – all about business accelerators;
Young Entrepreneurs Swindon Network Launch - The Purpose of Networks
Thursday 31 January sees the launch of the Young Entrepreneurs Swindon Network but what is the purpose of business network groups?
Has staff retention been a problem in January?
How to keep staff following the festive period.
Marketing: Profiling a Target Audience
Do you know who your customers are and their needs?
Top 10 mistakes employers make when paying the National Minimum Wage
Avoid making mistakes with this list of the most common reasons that cause underpayment.
Spotting early signs of insolvency and ways to resolve it
Recognising the early signs of insolvency and seeking advice to turn things around.
University Level Learning in Wiltshire – An Evolution
The latest insight into the evolving Higher Education landscape across Swindon and Wiltshire and what is available to you as a business and as an indi...
E-commerce for UK small businesses selling online to the USA
A guide to e-commerce with the United States of America.
Supporting Social Enterprises
Up to date sources of finance and support for social enterprise.
Choosing and Using a Website Designer​
If a business is looking for a professional, well-structured and secure website that complies with all the relevant legislation, it is worth investing...
Start out with a business mentor
Maximise your potential by getting the right advice early on with a business mentor.
Innovation loans: what they are and how to apply
An overview of Innovate UK’s loan programme for SMEs involved in late-stage innovation projects.
Essential Information
Starting up in Swindon & Wiltshire
All the advice and resources you need to get your business idea off the ground in one place - from choosing your business idea to writing the business...
Government support for young entrepreneurs
Top 5 things we are doing to support young entrepreneurs.
Green Great Britain Week – simple steps you can take to reduce emissions
Find out how your business could reduce emissions and help to tackle climate change.
case study
Plain Action and Vale Action Leader Programme
The Local Action Groups (LAGs) administered by Community First, provide grants to help to increase rural jobs, boost tourism, help businesses grow and...
The Apprenticeship Levy Across Swindon & Wiltshire – Beyond Year One
Looking at the impact of the Apprenticeship Levy in Swindon & Wiltshire.
A Virtual Shop Front Door - Down Your Street
The Royal Mail has just announced that online shopping in the UK has risen by 9% in the last year. What do our 'bricks and mortar' retail businesses i...
Support for High Growth Business in Swindon & Wiltshire
One option If you are a growing business and looking for support and advice to aid your growth is Inspire, one of our local Chambers of Commerce organ...
Number of UK scaleups increases
The ScaleUp Institute reports that the UK’s total number of scaleup businesses has increased by nearly 12 per cent, according to the ScaleUp Institu...
Rural Economic Study for Swindon and Wiltshire
Swindon and Wiltshire LEP recognises that there are gaps in knowledge about the rural economy of the area. This Rural Economic Study has been develope...
Opportunities to Grow your Business
Where can a business wanting to grow, find the most comprehensive source for up-to-date information on available funding or tendering opportunities?
B2B Events - Enabling Business Growth or a Mercenary Marketing Tactic?
Engage with your clients and prospects whilst providing useful knowledge, information and access to new networks.
The time is right to tap into a new pool of talent for Wiltshire employers.
Jobcentre Plus in Wiltshire is keen to work closely with employers of all sizes across the county.
Higher Education Strategy
See the latest updates on the SWLEP Higher Education Strategy and access the downloads
A brief guide to business continuity planning
In this short guide, we will explore how you can prepare for the unforeseen with focus on your IT and business-critical systems.
Apprenticeships for Small Business
This guide provides an overview of apprenticeships for small business and describes the benefits to business and apprentices.
Can I apply for financial business support?
Guide to available business support funding for Salisbury businesses
How do I get support with business rates?
Information about business rates and/or hardship rate relief
CDI Certificate in Careers Leadership
New qualification for teachers in schools and colleges to support young people in career development
£80million fund to help SMEs engage in apprenticeships
A short article about the Chancellor's Spring Statement around funding for small and medium sized businesses to help them engage with apprenticeships.
Growth Hub Governance Group - Invitation Open for New Members
The Swindon & Wiltshire Growth Hub is overseen by a Governance Group made up from public sector representatives, business support organisations and m...
How to check your business pulse
In times of challenge, what are the best business analytics and reports to keep an eye on?
Roads for the Future - Funding
A share of up to £200,000 is available for ideas to change road design to maximise the benefits of connected and autonomous vehicles.
Tax Deadlines in 2019
There are five main types of tax that are relevant to firms: income tax, corporation tax, National Insurance (NI), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Capital G...
Government Support for Research & Development - Guide
The UK Government, and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, have a strategy to stimulate business research and develo...
Product Packaging Regulations - Guide
Any business that supplies or sells packaged products must ensure that the packaging complies with product packaging regulations. These cover issues s...
Business Finance Terminology - Glossary
When dealing with your accountant or bank the language used can sometimes sound unfamiliar, even to the most experienced business person. The followi...
case study
A Recipe for Success; Business Expansion and Management Development
Porton Biopharma Limited
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) - 2017 End of Year Review
EEN shares some of their work highlights from 2017
Business Opportunity Factsheets
Explore our A-Z business opportunity index covering a cross-section of industries.
case study
Wiltshire entrepreneur fills gap in niche fabric market
Helen Baker Fabric Design
SME growth grants
Are you running a business in Swindon or Wiltshire and need help to grow? With an SME growth grant of between £2,000 and £10,000 you can kick start y...
case study
Ludgershall couple's double celebration – in love and in business!
Clearly Software
The Swindon Investment Guide
Thinking of relocating your business to the Swindon area?
Visitor Economy Wiltshire
This site offers a comprehensive guide to Wiltshire including accommodation, what's on and visitor attractions. Particularly useful for food and drin...
case study
Higher Futures, Learning and Development, using a love of the past to go forward...
Help for Heroes
case study
Marketing That Drives Sales
Independent report - Made Smarter Review
An industry-led review exploring how UK manufacturing can maximise benefits of digital technology through a strong industry - government partnership.
An Introduction to Business Regulations when Starting Up
This guide identifies the major business regulations and obligations that will affect the start up of a new business.
Tax relief and incentives for businesses
As part of the overall funding landscape, there are plenty of government schemes and incentives available to businesses.
Preparing Your Organisation For Growth
Companies that address their organizational weaknesses as they implement growth strategies give themselves an advantage.
Health & Safety
This introductory guide explains the main steps that must be taken to ensure that an employer complies with health and safety regulations.
Regulations Covering Lifting and Manual Handling in the Workplace
This guide explains the requirements of the Regulations and provides information about how to comply with them.
Redundancy Legislation & Procedure
This guide gives an overview of an employee's legal rights, and the procedures that employers should be following throughout the redundancy process.
Market Information and Statistics
This factsheet provides an overview of some of the main sources of market information and statistical data available and how to access them.
Generating good energy in the area
The Swindon & Wiltshire LEP (SWLEP) is a member of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen initiative and believes it can make a significant contribution national...
Why we need to provide the best business support to SME Builders
There are many reasons why we need to provide SME builders with all the business support we can.
Degree Apprenticeships - A New Route
Degree Apprenticeships offer a great solution for those that want to learn and earn.
Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
This guide provides brief descriptions of UK and European IP rights.
Using Copyright to Protect Your Work
This introductory guide explains the principle of copyright and how you can use it to protect original work
Introduction to Tax Self-Assessment
This guide describes the tax self-assessment process, who it applies to, and how to register for self-assessment. It also briefly explains the process...
Registering a Domain Name
Choosing the right domain name for your business website and e-mail communications is a vital component of your business identity.
Choosing and Using an Accountant
This guide explains the services offered by accountants, what to look for when choosing an accountant and how to find and appoint one. It provides inf...
Food Safety Legislation
Food Safety Legislation applies to any firm that is involved in the production, processing, storage, distribution and sale of food.
An Introduction to Health & Safety
Every employer must comply with health and safety regulations intended to protect people such as employees, customers or members of the public.
Environmental Protection Act 1990
A Guide to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the obligations of business owners.
Tackling Swindon's skills gap
A recurring theme that Swindon businesses raise is the trouble they have recruiting highly skilled workers
The Importance of skills in the work place
Leadership and Management Skills amongst the most important for business success.
Environmental Regulations - A Guide
Understand environmental regulations and how to manage the impact of your business.
Overview of available European Funding
​Various European funding networks offer financial support for businesses of all types.
Finance support information index
A bank loan is not the only way that you can raise money to fund your business. A quick overview of available options is a good place to start.
Methods of Entering Export Markets
This guide will help you select an export market-entry method that is suitable for your business. It explains the difference between direct and indire...
Costing and Pricing a Product or Service
It is important to understand the impact of pricing on profitability and be able to choose the best pricing strategy for a business.
Creating a Marketing Strategy
This factsheet explains the importance of having a marketing strategy, and how to use it properly to maximise the success of a business. It also inclu...
Profiling Your Target Market
This factsheet provides an introduction to profiling your target market and customers and explains the importance of fully understanding their needs.
Carrying Out a SWOT Analysis
This factsheet explains the benefits of carrying out a SWOT analysis and provides an overview of the analysis process. It lists a series of useful que...
Appointing a Non-Executive Director
This guide looks at the duties involved in the role, the legal responsibilities, the time commitment expected of non-executive directors.
What makes Wiltshire work?
Wiltshire-based startups seem to have a particularly strong chance of being a success.
Business in Wiltshire
There are many advantages to starting up in the UK and locating your business in Swindon & Wiltshire gives you the best of both worlds.
Choosing the Right Legal Structure
This factsheet outlines the main legal structures for a business (sole trader, partnership, LTD, LLP and CIC).
What it takes to run a business
This factsheet helps you assess your personal abilities and resources in relation to those that will typically be required to run your own business.
Tips to Choosing a Business Idea
If you are new to self-employment, finding the right idea for a successful venture can be difficult. It is not made any easier by economic uncertainty...
case study
Credit manager launches own consultancy
After working in credit management for many years Nicki Kinton decided she wanted to make a positive difference.


Taking place now, the UKREiiF is from 17-19 May 2022, at Royal Armouries Leeds & Leeds Dock.
Government hits goal to see a million more disable...
The government’s goal to see one million more disabled people in work has been reached, the latest o...
Citizens Advice Swindon are recruiting to three po...
Soaring inflation, interest rates rising, the energy crisis! Now, more than ever families and indivi...
Computing education essential in technologically d...
Ofsted has published the latest in a series of reviews into different subjects across the curriculum...
Acorn to develop houses at Urchfont
£7m invested in scheme for 13 homes
Councils to boost homeowner solar power
Wiltshire scheme to be cost effective
Great British Railways HQ
Inside Track launches a special supplement about the 42 towns and cities that have joined the race t...
Western Gateway partnership announces UKREiiF invo...
The Western Gateway partnership is set to showcase a range of exciting opportunities to both domesti...
SSGC acquires Bristol security firm
Part of planned acquisition policy.
Swindon organisations support rail HQ bid
Open letter sent to Secretary of State
The Business Cyber Centre launches with a promise ...
The UK’s first business-led Cyber Centre is opening in Chippenham
Good Energy in line for sustainability award
Nominated in short-listed by Which?
AB Dynamics expands to new premises
Engineering design centre opens
Sunbelievable – enough tickets sold in rail sale t...
Runaway success Great British Rail Sale sees more than 128 million miles of discounted journeys trav...
Johnson Matthey in new hydrogen deal
Backed by £400m UK financing.
Wind River wins Tempest fighter contract
Software selected by BAE Systems
Consider Ukraine for IT contracts, says BCS
Companies urged to offer tenders.
New solar farm for Warminster
Work begins on Centrica project.
Launch of £26m Industrial Hydrogen Accelerator Pro...
This programme will provide funding for UK business-led innovation projects that can demonstrate end...
New ‘fraud squad’ will crack down on criminals who...
A new £25 million central government taskforce that will enlist an elite team of experts to crack-do...
Civil Service to deliver thousands of high quality...
The new strategy will drive up quality and set new targets to diversify the pipeline of talent into ...
New approach to import controls to help ease cost ...
The Government has concluded that it would be wrong to impose new administrative requirements on bus...
Strict controls on pine and cedar tree imports int...
Emergency regulation introduced to protect treescapes and strengthen biosecurity following the inter...
Highway upgrade to benefit Swindon
£460m to eliminate A417 “missing link”
Huboo opens Chippenham warehouse
400 new jobs for 106,000 sq ft building
Innovate UK Announces Net Zero Hydrogen Fund Compe...
Development and capital funding is available for businesses undertaking projects in the UK for new l...
£10m Pilot Funding for Local Electric Vehicle Infr...
New pilot funding available to local authorities and partnerships in England to support the rollout ...
Bex Design & Print is acquired
Amcomri Group takes over Wiltshire firm.
Queen's Award for Malmesbury company
Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw honoured.
Avon Protection's performance recovers
But profitability impacted by weaker sales
Catalent acquires Oxfordshire Vaccine Centre
US company to invest £120m in development.
UK Life Sciences Innovators 2022
The Department for International Trade (DIT) is inviting expressions of interest to be considered fo...
New Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)
This represents a key fiscal measure aimed at creating more sustainable markets for recyclable mater...
£12m Fund to Boost UK Tech Firms Launching this Su...
Funding is being made available to help tackle challenges facing small UK tech firms and grow region...
Thousands of new community volunteering opportunit...
Young people, people with disabilities and those experiencing loneliness will get the opportunity to...
3,000 jobs created in one year by ‘resilient’ UK s...
The number of UK space jobs continued to grow into 2020, despite the global impacts of the COVID-19 ...
Government awards nearly £2 million to innovative ...
More efficient and greener transport systems one step closer as entrepreneurs and innovators awarded...
Multiplying maths skills for adults
£270 million investment in adult numeracy in England to help people progress and secure great jobs.
Competition launched for £12 million grant to turb...
Successful bidder will accelerate the growth of tech start-ups and scale-ups across the UK
New financing for Johnson Matthey
Boost for sustainable technology work
Alliance Pharma completes acquisitions
$19.4m invested in US companies
Beard Group wins £17m Bristol contract
Aztec West to be redeveloped
Government urges businesses to take advantage of N...
Businesses hiring former members of the UK armed forces in their first year of civilian employment c...
Ukraine war hits MAN truck production
Deliveries of wiring harnesses held up.
Deliveroo to deliver for WH Smith
New agreement for both companies.
Local Economic Assessment
Swindon and Wiltshire is an area of major economic significance; attracting substantial overseas and...
Farming Futures R&D Fund: Climate Smart Farming IU...
UK registered organisations can apply for grants to fund industrial research studies developing solu...
Cash boost to transform colleges across England
Students to benefit from £400 million investment to upgrade college campuses, the next phase in the ...
Businesses urged to boost cyber standards as new d...
Government encourages organisations to be vigilant of cyber threats and follow its guidance.
Good Energy revenues increase
Targets set for help on carbon cuts.
Innovate UK Launches £25m Loan Fund for Innovative...
UK SMEs can access loans that are affordable, patient and flexible for late stage innovation project...
Zimmer Biomet opens new Swindon HQ
Windmill Hill offices to house 400.
Chippenham company now employee-owned
Engage Technical Solutions announces change.
Employer Apprenticeship Survey
An apprenticeship research project carried out by Wiltshire Council to gather data to support and pr...
New £3m Fund Launched to Empower Children and Youn...
Non-profit groups can now apply for grants to help young people bring about social change and overco...
UK to provide vital food supplies to encircled Ukr...
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss confirmed that the UK will provide Ukraine with £2 million in essential ...
England’s largest ever seagrass planting hits new ...
£2.5 million LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES project, led by Natural England, has now planted seagrass acro...
UK on track to reach 4,000 zero emission bus pledg...
Multimillion-pound package to deliver huge fleet of electric and hydrogen powered buses across Engla...
UK boosts support for Ukrainian research community
Ukrainian nationals involved in academic research will benefit from a £3 million UK Government packa...
SW tech sector 'set for rapid expansion'
125,000 new jobs expected by 2026.
£1m film studio planned for Swindon
Government funding to fund launch
Rural Communities Support Programme Open for Appli...
The PCF's flagship grant programme, Supporting Rural Communities, awards £500,000 each year to suppo...
New Grants to Tackle Climate Injustice in the UK
This grant programme has been launched by Sustain as part of its Food for the Planet project.
Launch of £60m Life Sciences Innovative Manufactur...
This programme is funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Off...
Government Announces Extension to Plug-in Van and ...
The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) provides the Plug-in Car Grant.
North Sea Transition Deal cuts emissions as clean ...
One year since landmark North Sea Transition Deal was agreed between UK government and oil and gas i...
How your pensions can help tackle climate change
The UK is taking world-leading action to put combating climate change at the heart of our pensions.
Ukrainians fleeing war granted free access to NHS ...
All Ukrainians arriving in England will be able to access NHS healthcare free of charge, including G...
Immediate benefit support for those fleeing the in...
People fleeing Ukraine and arriving in the UK can claim benefits immediately.
New efficiency drive to cut £5.5 billion of govern...
A cross-Whitehall efficiency crackdown to cut £5.5 billion of wasteful spending was announced by the...
Lower Otter Restoration Project saves rare plants ...
Some of Devon’s rarest plants are to be moved to new sites in the county as work continues on the Lo...
Net Zero Technology Centre Announces Innovation Fu...
Fund launched targeting and funding technologies that will enable the delivery of the UK’s net zero ...
RAC joins forces with Zap-Map
Boost for Good Energy company
Yuasa building new Swindon HQ
Japanese battery company expands
‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme launches
UK individuals, charities, community groups and businesses can now record their interest in supporti...
Bikeability receives record £20 million government...
Funding aims to promote active travel and provide cycle training to half a million children and thei...
New UK shipbuilding vision launched
Over £4 billion of government-wide investment will support shipyards, alongside new measures to driv...
New space funding paves the way for pioneering app...
British space technology will help pioneer new approaches to energy, communications and resources, t...
£33m Swindon boulevard project
Colas Projects wins contract
Johnson Matthey in hydrogen agreement
Links with US company to collaborate.
Council seeking creative ideas to enhance Swindon’...
Swindon Borough Council is looking for creative, civic-minded entrepreneurs to add real value to the...
Porton Science Park nears completion
Labs and facilities for smaller firms.
Dyson to hire 900 in the UK
Boost for local employment
Taste of the West Hospitality and Retail Awards na...
For 30 years, the South West food and drink industry has been supported and promoted by the programm...
Wiltshire firms shine at regional awards
Five businesses from Wiltshire made the hotly-contested shortlist for the biggest awards contest fo...
Boost for independent power generators
Good Energy focuses on their input.
PPM links with Aston University on project
Satellite communication technology.
UK backs ambitious global action to tackle plastic...
The UK provided support to kick start negotiations on a legally binding treaty on plastic pollution ...
Leading UK business bosses help prison leavers get...
Business experts will spearhead a drive to get prison leavers into stable jobs so they can break the...
Introducing: South West Enterprise Fund
This programme provides business grants for young entrepreneurs aged between 18-30.
UK and New Zealand sign comprehensive trade deal
The International Trade Secretary has signed the UK-New Zealand free trade deal with New Zealand min...
Optimism on Kimmerfields investment
Council hopes investment will snowball
Honda site development outlined
Panattoni set to invest £700m
Launch of the 2022 Global CleanTech Challenge
A global competition for innovative clean technology business ideas has opened for a new round of ap...
Amazon Launches Accelerator with Funding for Envir...
Support is available for UK based early stage start-ups building innovative physical products with e...
UK engineering firm powers wind farms and jobs wit...
Offshore Design Engineering Ltd used the General Export Facility from UK Export Finance to secure a ...
Beard Construction seeking employees
Wide range of skills required.
£2m Science Museum upgrade planned
Architects sought for new contract
Government boost for new renewable energy storage ...
Nearly £7 million awarded to turbocharge UK projects that are developing innovative energy storage t...
Free cyber skills training for thousands of school...
Free online cyber security learning rolled out across UK secondary schools.
UK and Belgium sign memorandum of understanding (M...
The UK and Belgium have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work closely on the path towar...
Siemens technology helps re-open UK rail line
Northumberland line project going ahead.
Strong trading performance from Zurich UK
Operating profit rises to £470m.
New law to make doing business simpler while prote...
The government is replacing EU exemptions from competition law for agreements between producers, dis...
One week to file your Self Assessment return
Time is running out for customers who still need to file their Self Assessment tax return and avoid ...
£1.4m for projects supporting sustainable fishing ...
Eight innovative new projects that will support the UK’s fishing industry to be more productive and ...
Video For Social Media Workshop- Resources
Resources for the 'Develop your Online Video Strategy – Workshop'.
KFC Foundation Reopens Community Grants Programme ...
Funding is available for charities and grassroots community groups and associations to support young...
Households save £200 on bills with energy efficien...
Thousands of households across England will see energy bills reduced by up to £200 a year as governm...
Old Town gives benefit to shoppers
Card scheme aims to boost funds
Office Evolution becomes carbon neutral
Milestone for Melksham office supplies company
Government to review UK approach to future biologi...
The Government is asking for health and security experts to inform the refresh of the UK's Biologica...
Record levels of investment for UK's £10.1 billion...
Revenue generated by cyber security firms rose by 14 per cent to £10.1 billion
Shareholders support Good Energy
Moves by Ecotricity voted down.
Electronic devices recycled
Wiltshire company saves landfill.
HGV operators can now use aerodynamic features and...
Changes to legislation aimed to make HGVs more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.
Swindon Carriage Works returning to use
Bath University project progressing
Swindon in official bid for rail HQ
Historic past could favour decision
Fusion energy record demonstrates powerplant futur...
Record results announced today
Exyte sees new business soaring
Expansion following rising demand.