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GH Webinar
Beyond furlough: the future for your business
Consider your (many) options. Plan ahead. Don't assume the worse. Kathryn Roynon, HR Director outlines the many positive options for your busines...


Government hits goal to see a million more disable...
The government’s goal to see one million more disabled people in work has been reached, the latest o...
Office Space available via The Enterprise Network
Creating and maintaining safe environments for new and growing businesses in Wiltshire
Access to Work: factsheet for customers
Factsheet about Access to Work and how it can help overcome barriers to starting or keeping a job if...


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Community Insights

Dyslexia in the workplace: what you can do to help
Jack Churchill, one of the 6.3 million people (around 10% of the UK population) who have dyslexia and co-founder and CEO of Scanning Pens Ltd, shares ...
Effective Alternatives to Permanent Employment
Colin Blackburn, Director at student placement agency ESPA, considers the alternatives to utilising talent within your business without taking on perm...

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