We put Chlorine into our Hot Tubs and this is to help kill harmful bacteria bugs that could cause skin irritations and upset stomachs but Chlorine reacts with urine to create a chemical called Trichloramine and this is actually the chemical responsible for the smell we all know from visiting the public swimming pool.

When we setup your Hot Tub we will put a dose of Chlorine into it and once you have filled the hot tub up you probably will not even smell the chlorine! after your first dip you may notice you can smell chlorine on your skin, what you are actually smelling is Trichloramine because sweat is also Urine so the chlorine in the Hot Tub water is actually reacting with the Urine to create this distinctive small.

If you are getting a strong smell of chlorine from the Hot Tub then more than likely someone has had wee in it.

Lets get technical

When I said Urine in my description what I am actually referring to is Urea nitrogen which is the waste product in Urine and makes up only 5% of urine, Urea nitrogen is a waste product made when your liver breaks down protein. It’s carried in your blood, filtered out by your kidneys, and removed from your body in your urine.

So why is this all a bad thing well who wants to sit in a Hot Tub of pee and it can cause heath issues too like sore and red eyes, skin irritation and although the likeliness of this happening short term it can actually cause Asthma if exposed over a long period.


Kids pee in Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools and so do adults but as adults we know to go for a pee before getting in the Hot Tub. If you have a full bladder and get in any body of water be it the Hot Tub, a Swimming Pool or even the Bath the pressure of all that water pushing on your body squeezes your bladder like a water balloon forcing what is inside the bladder to make its way out so please make sure your kids go to the toilet at regular intervals especially if you are giving them milkshakes and fizzy drinks.

We can give you a clean and sanitised Hot Tub but we can not control what your guests put into it, if you follow these three simple rules you will have a great Hot Tub experience.

  • Shower before and after using the Hot Tub
  • Rinse your feet before getting in the Hot Tub
  • Don’t pee in the Hot Tub

This is an interesting video on the subject.