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Based in Bristol, SCT has associates in UK, Europe, Morocco Middle East delivering profiling, coaching, training, consulting, & speaking,

Company Description

Smart Coaching & Training was established in 2013 by bringing together a number of companies some establish as far back as 1996. Based in Bristol, UK we work with a few trusted associates and partners, and other colleagues. We have representation in UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Morocco and Middle East. And can operate in English, Spanish, German, Arabic and Chinese. We offer a range of services – a set of fundamentals which support a number of specialisms. Fundamentals Our fundamentals include • Coaching and Mentoring and targeted coaching in specific topics such as: Executive and Leadership Coaching, Business Growth, Career Progression, Welfare, Business Growth, Intercultural Globality • Training and Development. We offer On-line Training, such as Communication; Workshops and Short Courses such as NLP, Wellness;. Long courses and Retreats such as Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Presentation, Customer Service. • Keynote Speaking, Talking and Writing- Our Speaking experience includes presentations at international conferences and at local events such as dinners. Some have written weekly articles for newspapers others have published books We recommend books by our associates and esteemed colleagues, such as ‘Hidden Demons’ by David Clive Price. • Consulting and Facilitation: including BPR, change management in many countries. Specialisms Our Specialisms include • Behavioural Preference Profiling. C-me Colour Profiling provides a great tool for enabling you to understand and improve your communication with others, and help others communicate with you. • Psychosocial Adult Development. Whereas ‘behavioural preference profiling’ can be seen as horizontal, adult development can be seen as vertical. By understanding yourself and recognising traits in others you can begin to develop skills to help you fulfil your potential. • Diversity, Inclusion, Intercultural Globality: Diversity, Inclusion and Teams By understanding the issues of diversity and the pitfalls and benefits of inclusion you can learn to maximise the benefits of developing key relationships with others. Intercultural Globality is about developing skills and behaviours enable you to integrate with any nationality to achieve success wherever you are and with whomever you are with, by learning the skills to integrate while still being yourself. It draws on different disciplines to review mindset and behaviours and create new ways of being effective, managing challenge and opportunity and creating outcomes and plans for a fulfilled and rewarding personal and professional life. • Wellness at Work – If you are well, both mentally and physically you will achieve more. Being in the right job in the right place will increase satisfaction. We run coaching, individual on-line training and group workshops in Wellness, to help you gain better understanding of the problem areas you may have in your life and begin to alleviate stress, tension and anxiety so you can live life happier, with more freedom and peace of mind, and achieve your career goals. • Psychological Safety – The main indicator of team success is the environment they work in. For teams to reach their potential and perform at their best it is imperative for leaders to set a climate that not only permits but requires all team members to speak their truth. How safe do your people feel? We run a client intervention programme and individual training and coaching, responsibility, negotiation and leadership.