Join the Growth Hub Skills Team aswell as HIT Training, Employers and Apprentices for an informal chat all things Apprenticeships-

Come along if:

You are considering Apprenticeships for yourself, your current workforce or to recruit

You would like to know more about Apprenticeships – how does it actually work?

You currently or previously have experience of apprenticeships and would like to join the conversation/share your experience



Previous feedback from our coffee and chats:

Sarah (Digital marketing Apprentice): “I am always happy to share my experience of my journey into my Apprenticeship as it has been such a positive one for me.”

Rupert (Business Owner): “The session was brilliant, I enjoyed being an advocate and to explain to other employers the very real value to my business that Jim (apprentice) has added and exactly how we have grown through the application of his learning”


And from attendees:

“Insight and enthusiasm from all participants”
“Good to add some knowledge after watching Apprenticeship Webinars”
“It was great to have Apprentices and Employers sharing their experience”
“Good to have the real people business and individual talking from their perspective”
“Very informative, every question I had beforehand got covered”


Bring your questions, experiences and your cuppa!