I recently attended a business event which included the usual round table networking opportunities and was sat alongside about a dozen other companies, each of us explaining what we do for a living. We were all attempting to use our 60 seconds to encapsulate our offer.

There were interesting issues, plans and ideas that each person had and it was good to be able to challenge a little, offer ideas and find out more about how each business was being run. 

My fellow networkers that day each thought they had everything pretty much in hand, contact details were duly exchanged and at the end of the evening, planned to follow up over the next few days or so. My expectations were modest.

To my surprise two thirds of those individuals contacted me to ask for a follow up meeting and conversation!

The reality was that they all faced a challenge they’d not mentioned the night before and it got me wondering why those business owners had not felt able to discuss this openly  - or even indicate they would like a follow up chat, in front of their peers?

There was a common thread in their various ‘challenges’. Having grown their businesses to a certain size they’d not wanted to face that inevitable hurdle - change.  Increasingly they have to face circumstances which take them out of their comfort zone or they find issues overwhelming or too difficult. This could be around managing staff, investing in more efficient systems and processes or ‘letting go’ of certain tasks.

Asking for help can feel like a big step – almost like admitting failure. However, accepting you don’t have all the answers is often the sign of a strong leader.

Businesses that survive adversity often emerge far stronger. Their systems are streamlined, efficiencies improved, the teams strengthened out of necessity. This can bring productivity, profitability and motivation as the business becomes more competitive, leaner and fit for purpose.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or to plan a strategy to identify and tackle the difficult challenges.

Your value to the business is setting the direction, steering the ship, being able to see the wider risks and opportunities. It will remain your business but will allow you to lead without being lost in the operational detail.

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