There's a section of the M25 in Surrey that makes me wonder if I've a flat tyre.  It's surfaced with concrete and my tyres thump every time I go over the joins. It's an illogical reaction, but it's a trigger for me and also now a pattern.

I know it's OK to ignore this now, but our work (and personal) lives can be full of thoughts and behaviours that have a similar effect on us, creating anxiety and doubt. And we do often ignore them, thinking that they can't be dealt with, hoping they'll go away or at least amount to nothing.

Often we're so wrong about that.

I was both fascinated and alarmed by a recent article in The Business Exchange [1] that highlighted some risks to growth for SMEs. What I understood from it was that -

  • over 90% of business owners said they were too busy with the day-to-day to plan strategically, which surely impacts on both their resilience and sustainability;
  • communication between owners, managers and staff could be significantly improved;
  • there’s a perceived lack of support for company goals affected almost two thirds of teams.


Government statistics show that less than half of businesses started in 2011 were still active after five years [2]. Given the importance of SMEs to the economy this is concerning to say the least.

Here's a frequently seen pattern –

  • You're a business owner or senior manager with real passion for what you do;
  • You have high standards, but your reports or your team just don't 'get it' the way you do;
  • You can't really trust them to do the job as well as you would, so you don't delegate;
  • You work harder to make up for this and to show them how it should be done;
  • You carry too much of the pressure, your day becomes more fight-firefighting than planning (let alone strategy);
  • You feel it's falling apart, but you can't talk to anyone;
  • Your team is frustrated as they don't feel trusted or listened to;
  • People start to leave, the team shrinks and pressures increase further on those left;
  • You get increasingly fatigued and eventually succumb to burnout.

It doesn't have to like this. There are proven approaches and tools to breakthrough communication blocks, to empower you and your team to discover untapped strengths and skills and to design a sustainable and resilient business future.

Discover how combining compassionate communication, solution-focused working and sustainable design using permaculture enables these results. For the first time ever you can experience an introduction to these three very practical approaches in one training.

 'Rethinking Success – the Rule of Three' 

Wednesday April 25th from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Wrag Barn Golf Course, Highworth (easily accessible from the M4, A419 and M5).

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This training is currently being offered at a discounted price and there are group rates available for three or more people from the same company (please contact us to ask).

Thinking you're too busy to address a serious business issue is a major risk.                      Please don't ignore what can be fixed!

 (This training is being given in collaboration with MO Training)

[1] The Business Exchange, Swindon and Wiltshire (Issue 35), p17: article by Haines Watts