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At Cannd we are on a mission to democratise the wine experience through putting our quality wine in infinitely recyclable aluminium cans.

Company Description

At Cannd we are on a mission to democratise the wine experience. Inspired by long hot summer holidays in Southern Europe, a passion for uncomplicated and no-nonsense wine, and enjoying quality time and conversation with family and friends. Cannd is a new evolution for wine, what screw caps were to corks. We are starting afresh, without being hindered by the old wine traditions, the confusing label gazing and heavy cumbersome bottles. Our Spanish Rosé and White Wine come in the latest sustainable and infinitely recyclable 250ml aluminium cans with simple no-nonsense labelling and a promise that there will be no compromise on quality or taste. Our wines can be taken where glass fears to tread, being portable, convenient, and perfect for picnics, beaches, BBQs, outdoor concerts and Festivals (current restrictions withstanding!). More likely they will be bought for that midweek glass (when you don't want to open a bottle!) whilst binge-watching the latest box set, keeping your drinking responsible! Our wines are all Vegan friendly and come with a customer promise of No Nasties, Waste, or Nonsense, ensuring our customers can enjoy their wine without overthinking it!