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Your 25th hour in your day! Nothing more, nothing less; we are quite simply that 25th hour busy people like you so badly need.

Company Description

The 25th hour in the day for busy people Pink Spaghetti was set up in 2009 to be the extra hour in the day for busy small business and domestic clients. We offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective personal assistant and virtual assistant service nationwide, covering research, organisation, social media, administration, and any number of home organisation tasks you just never get around to. Our national network of experienced Pink Spaghetti PAs ensures we have a broad range of specialist skills to draw upon, and we are always up to date with the latest social media developments due to our ongoing professional development. We are unique in offering a pick up and put down service – use us for as many or as few hours as you need us. So free up your time and put your focus on the jobs you love to do and give Pink Spaghetti the jobs you hate!