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Voice, speech, confidence and performance coaching for public speakers, business owners, performers, sales people and many more.

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VOICE AND CONFIDENCE WORKSHOPS AND ONE TO ONE COACHING For those who want to make a bigger impact in their performance, speaking, business, work and/or personal relationships. Are you a performer who might exude confidence on stage but off stage lacks motivation and self-belief? Are you a speaker who wants to truly engage with your audience and improve your speaking techniques? Are you a business owner/ sales person who wants to build rapport with your customers? Are you stuck in an office, unengaged and uncommunicative? Are you nervous before going on dates or meeting new people? Are you constantly talking badly to yourself and want to learn how to appreciate who and what you are? We will look at: • The art of speaking. Understanding and utilising the voice and the breath. • Learn how to build rapport. Learn how to make people listen. Learn how to listen. • Dealing with stress, nerves and negative thinking. • Gain confidence and self esteem. Stepping into your power. • Enjoy the art of story telling. • Vocal hygiene and maintenance. • Projection, stamina and breath control. • Clarity, diction and accents. • The 4 P's. Pitch, Pace, Posture, POWER! Learn how to STEP UP, SHOW UP and SPEAK UP! Contact FB