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MDN provides CMI qualifications in Leadership & Management and Coaching & Mentoring from Levels 2 - 7, and the Award of Chartered Manager.

Company Description

MDN offers bespoke development and qualification programmes for individuals and teams based on the National Occupational Standards for Management & Leadership and Coaching & Mentoring via the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) vocationally related and occupational competence programmes. Individuals and teams can work towards professionalising their knowledge and experience through the achievement of nationally recognised qualifications that carry valuable weight in the workplace. CMI qualifications in Leadership & Management and Coaching & Mentoring are achievable, from Level 2 to Level 7 at Award, Certificate, Diploma and Expended Diploma level. We are also able to grant the prestigious CMI Award of “Chartered Manager” (CMgr) for eligible candidates. Supported by our CMI CMgr staff who will provide a comprehensive 1:1 learning experience, MDN’s blended and distance learning process enables flexibility of learning thus allowing clients to programme their development in line with business and private life. Fully supported by your 1:1 tutor throughout, programmes utilise the online learning platform ManagementDirect, where learners can access resources 24/7 to study at their own pace on their bespoke programme. We have over 20 years proven and extensive association with the Armed Forces in supporting military personnel to translate their experience into recognisable qualifications for the civilian sector. We are an ELCAS registered centre and programmes are eligible for ELCs, SLCs and IRTC grants where available.