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I'm looking for a venue that can accommodate small amount of gym equipment that has a car parking area and a usable concrete grounds for things like tire flipping, stones, ropes, kegs etc to use as a form of strength camp and adequately hold in house competitions. My market audience is for the less affluent individuals in Swindon I'm looking for an area around Penhill, Pinehurst, Gorse Hill, certain areas of town centre and area such as, to start this business.

It's going to be (pardon of the expression) a spit and sawdust type of strength camp where people can pay a daily membership, a weekly membership or pay into a monthly contract.

I'm aiming to be more of a community strength camp where that I can give opportunities to personal trainers where they can train on my site and be delegated key holders to open and close the business and have key roles and responsibilities in a pose to them pay the dramatic monthly overheads as current gyms do.


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