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100 Ways in 100 Days™ is a fun & engaging, behaviour change e-learning programme that helps employees live more sustainably, fast.

Company Description

100 Ways in 100 Days is a fun and engaging behaviour change e-learning programme delivered via the workplace. It helps people discover how to work, think and live more sustainably, fast. It’s based on the theory of marginal gains: how small things, replicated many times over, can have significant impact. The UN says we have just a few years in which to mitigate climate catastrophe. Everyone needs to be galvanised to do their bit. 100 Ways uses psychology and neuroscience and positive social interactions to bring people together, from the CEO to the youngest starter and help change their habits. 100 Ways will help save organisations money, attract and engage staff, appeal to customers and form part of organisations’ sustainability journey. They’ll also gain 100 Ways accreditation. It’s founded by Sue Skeats who’s run multi-award winning PR and marketing communications consultancies.