Short introduction

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We are a long established, family run cattery, located in Rodbourne Cheney in Swindon. We board cats and small animals.

Company Description

We are a long established, family run cattery, centrally located in Rodbourne Cheney in Swindon, ideal for shortening that journey with your cat. The cattery overlooks a quiet garden and provides a safe, secure and comfortable environment for your cat so that you can take a break free from worry. We have chosen to make our living this way because of our affection for cats. We will quickly learn your cat’s normal behaviour and feeding and toileting patterns and pick up anything unusual. Cats like routine and predictability and find being cared for by the same person reassuring. We know what a wrench it is parting from your cat but we have found that the cats in our care are perfectly content so long as they are warm, comfortable, feel safe and are given their preferred foods. Your cat is safer and more stimulated in the cattery than if he is left at home to be fed by a neighbour or pet-sitter.