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Bowen Therapy is based on the principles of The Bowen Technique, pioneered by Tom Bowen in Australia.

Company Description

A gentle, hands-on therapy, using rolling moves at precise points on the body. This therapy can affect the muscles, ligaments and tendons through to cellular level and can also have a profound effect on the central nervous system allowing the body to go into para-sympathetic mode which is where healing and emotional releases can occur. The therapy involves some breaks of 1-2 minutes for rest and for the brain to process the moves made on the body and this allows for fine adjustments to take place within the body. Taking between 45-60 minutes the therapy may take longer depending upon reactions. Subtle, relaxing and energising, Bowen is the catalyst that gives the body and mind the opportunity to trigger a response and heal. As with most holistic therapies the body is treated as a whole, without referral to named diseases. For me, trust and respect are at the heart of each treatment I carry out and I gain this through my expertise, continued professional development, professionalism and kindness.