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Maia Growth Partners is a management consultancy practice, providing a range of value chain services across Wiltshire

Company Description

Growing a sustainable business has changed. We combine the power of insights into strategy to create a value proposition that takes your business to the next level without costing the Earth. We are trusted commercial professionals who follow a proven management approach that brings results. Our team knows about sales, marketing, customer service, operations, supply chain and finance. We offer a low-overhead, high-value service, providing knowledge, skills and experience built over 75 yrs, gained through working in and with early stage start ups and scaling businesses to FTSE100 enterprises, we have a true blue chip pedigree with the ability to provide a safe pair of hands to collaborate at all levels. We know how to run business’ day to day, and how to bring about change. We have managed people and performance, resources and budgets and we have helped others do the same. We know how hard it is to be the boss - to do the job, supervise, manage and lead all at the same time - we want to offer our team to help and support you on the way.