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A British veteran owned small craft business making bespoke handmade pens, mainly from historic timbers and other specialised woods

Company Description

Handmade pens from a UK Veteran owned small business a true pen artisan. All types of pens including fountain, rollerball and ballpoint are handmade by myself in my workshop. I mainly use recycled timber or timber with history especially WW2 era. I first became involved in woodworking and wood turning when it was made part of my PSTD rehab program. This was a few years ago, upon leaving the military after a 25 year career. I rediscovered pen turning last year after making the decision to semi retire and I have never been happier. The buzz I get from new challenges, learning new skills and interaction with my customers is something I’ve not felt in a long time. Some of the customer challenges I have had so far, include 3 hand made pens from a Grandparents walking stick, a pen made from Granddads old hammer and modelled a pen clip from a broken belt buckle that belonged to clients parent. I take commissions and specialise in bespoke pen design, working closely together with my customers to get the pen you really want. Please pop over to the contacts page and get in touch to start the process.