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Helping my clients to find more customers and win more sales, easily, ethically and repeatedly.

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Fed up with pressure selling? So was I, so I formed Salient Sales and Training to train and coach my own simple, ethical and successful approach to sales and marketing. If you look after your customers and treat them with respect, they come back for more! With over twenty years in field sales and sales management, plus over ten years training, coaching and mentoring there is hardly a sales issue I have not been able to overcome and turn to mutual profit. Courses and sessions are available in the room, on zoom, or recorded courses can be purchased from our website. Other modules available include 'Selling Yourself', Time Management', 'Smart Networking', 'Overcoming Barriers and Objections' and 'Smart Zooming'. Besides general sales, I also specialise in 'Technical Sales - selling into technical markets'. All Salient Courses can be tailored to your needs. For any assistance or to about sales, please call or email.