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Welcome! Our aim is to support women to unlock their talent, build their confidence to succeed and to help them to be the best they can be.

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Developing Talent for your Female Management Pipeline Do you have an untapped pool of talent in your business or organisation? The statistics are clear: women in senior posts alongside the men mean a thriving organisation. We understand that for many organisations Knowing it is one things - actually doing something effective about it doesn't seem so straightforward. It's hard sometimes to know just where to start and it's not easy releasing staff for time consuming course. Tallann Services has a very simple and cost effective solution. We are proud to deliver the internationally acclaimed one day personal development course for women, designed specifically for women by Jane C Woods, a Specialist in Gender Equality. The internationally acclaimed RenewYou course is suitable for ANY women in your organisation, of any age, culture and in any continent. The course is practical, transformative and will renew you, your career, your personal life...all of you!