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Simplifying Cyber – top tips for doing business securely in 2022 and beyond

Date: 24 Feb 2022, 10am - 11am
Price: FREE
Location: Online event
Security and safety are key to all business whether you run a business entirely online or dabble in doing things digitally. Find out the truth about the cyber security scaremongering and how it might, or might not, disrupt your business. Discuss tips and ideas that can enable you to run a successful and secure business in 2022 and beyond.

There’s a lot of worrying headlines, scaremongering and ‘noise’ around cyber security and doing business digitally.

This webinar is designed to clarify the noise and give you the confidence to do business safely and securely online in 2022 and beyond by answering such questions as:

  • Is the Huawei threat real?
  • Does two factor authentication (or 2FA for short) actually protect you and your business?
  • How bad is the dark web?
  • What can you do to protect yourself from hackers?

In simple, easy to understand language, Chris Thompson, MD of Salisbury-based TechB, will give you some great best practices and top tips.  He’ll also provide you with key points around:

  • what you need to be aware of when bidding for business
  • emerging cyber technologies such as crypto blockchain
  • the future of business security 

Date: 24 Feb 2022, 10am - 11am
Price: FREE
Location: Online event