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Bassett Business Brunch

Date: 26 Jan 2024, 9:30am - 11:30am
Price: Free
Location: Royal Wootton Bassett, UK

Join Dave Plunkett who will be telling us how to improve out referrals.

People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust.


It’s why word of mouth introductions are so powerful. The referred parties already trust your brand, and your services have been pre-sold. It’s the oldest, and most successful, form of marketing but all too often a brands referral strategy is left to chance, or is reliant purely on the founder or a few key individuals. But with the right focus it can be developed as a key part of a growth strategy that allows us to scale our business, with our ideal customers, at pace.


It’s not about trying to turn every customer or person in your network into a hardened sales person for your brand, or pushy, in your face tactics. That doesn’t work. It’s about working more intentionally to build a cultural of referrals in your brand so that requesting and receiving introductions becomes a natural, stress free part of your lead generation strategy that everyone in the organisation can play their part in.


We’ll cover 5 essential steps to making this happen;


1./ Removing ‘the Ick’ of asking

2./ Making it easy for people to refer you

3./ When to ask

4./ How to ask

5./ Saying Thanks


This highly interactive session will be packed full of practical tips you can immediately use in your business – or even at the show!

About Dave

Dave is a music and football loving Dad of 3 from the South West of England, passionate about connecting with each other and the things we love, and generally being excited by life.

Over the course of his career, Dave has developed hundreds, if not thousands, of partnerships. From growing his own membership organisation to 2000 members almost entirely through referrals and strategic partnerships, to providing access to the SME market for global brands such as Regus & Volvo, reaching nearly 1 million business owners along the way.

In 2020 Dave set up Collaboration Junkie. Helping business owners leverage their credibility to get high quality leads, on a consistent basis, from trusted 3rd parties.

His DANCE framework for strategic referral partnerships, and methodology for building cultures of referrals, builds on both his successes and lessons learned the hard way. Offering a mix of inspiration and practical advice for those looking to leverage the oldest, and still most successful form of marketing, Word of Mouth, in a modern way. .

If you have any questions about this event, please send an e-mail to either [email protected] or [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you.

Date: 26 Jan 2024, 9:30am - 11:30am
Price: Free
Location: Royal Wootton Bassett, UK