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This programme is likely to attract people from a mixture of backgrounds, and provides the opportunity to receive expert training and gain a recognised coaching qualification.

This is a skills-orientated programme, meaning that participants will be required to demonstrate the skill of coaching and mentoring as well as possess a solid base of knowledge. To that end, anyone interested in this programme will need to be able to atttend at least 4 out of 6 training days planned across 2018/19.

Learners must be willing to complete 3 assignments which are pitched at undergraduate/HND equivalent. To complete these assignments you need to be willing to invest approximately 5 hours of independent learning.

 Full and comprehensive support will be provided throughout the programme in the format of 1-2-1 tutorials and coaching supervision. 

The objectives of the programme are as follows.

By the end of this 12 month programme participants will be able to:

-          Demonstrate the GROW model competently and with confidence

-          Demonstrate a portfolio of core coaching skills

-          Demonstrate the ability to establish and maintain rapport

-          Identify and challenge a client to overcome limiting beliefs

-          Handle initial coaching enquires and in-take sessions (including contracting)

-          Understand your coaching style and the inherent strengths and limitations

-          Devise a continued professional development plan

-          Compiled a reflective coaching diary and a post course assignment

Sussex Wharf The Nursery
Devizes , Wiltshire
SN10 2AE
Tickets: £995.00 inc VAT

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