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Good marketing comes down to getting the basics right. This workshop is perfect for you if you have recently set up your own business and want to make sure you're going to get the most out of your marketing efforts. You'll also find this workshop useful if you've been operating your own business for a while and feel like your marketing strategy needs improving.

You will learn how to:
Set Marketing goals and objectives
Understand and attract new customers
Monitor your marketing
Decide which marketing tools and techniques are going to work best for your business
Increase your return on investment
Create a good promotional campaign
Discover what marketing works best with your customers
You will receive a comprehensive workbook as a guide for additional research that is required for the business. This workshop also includes a buffet lunch.

For more information, contact our team on 01275 376 233.
Church Place
Swindon , Swindon
Tickets: 48

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