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Timber production, public benefits, biomass energy, carbon sequestration - the role that forestry and woodlands have played over the generations has changed according to prevailing government priorities. However with government drives to seriously tackle climate change, forestry is set to play an increasingly important role over the coming decades. The Government’s Committee on Climate Change envisages expanding the UKs woodland cover from 12% of land area to 19% by 2050. Pretty ambitious targets. But with political will and the right incentives ……perhaps possible.

But hold on- if the climate is changing, what species should you plant? Is it out with the traditional species we have grown used to and in with more drought tolerant species? What about tree pests and diseases ? – ash dieback, phytophthora, oak processionary moth. What about the timber markets now and looking forward? What’s in demand and what’s not and what’s the outlook? Is the processing and wider supply chain infrastructure in place?

The seminar will cover:

  • Policy developments in climate change and ELMS
  • Tree diseases and implications of climate change for forestry & woodlands
  • Local Highways Authority perspective on Ash Dieback and roadside trees
  • General market update, demand, prices, market outlook, climate change mitigation/carbon sequestration market opportunities

    We will hear from:

  • Julian Ohlsen, Tilhill Forestry
  • Susan Twining, CLA Chief Land Use Policy Adviser
  • Ramsbury Estate
  • Richard Paton, Forestry Commisson, South West Partnership and Expertise Manager
  • Ben ColesSomerset County Council, Highways Arboriculturist
Ramsbury Estate Shoot Lodge, Littlecote Park Farm
Hungerford , Berkshire
RG17 0SS
Tickets: 36.00

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