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Put IP planning at the heart of your business strategy with this workshop ‘IP planning and associated tax reliefs’.

Why should innovative companies that are designing, developing and manufacturing put IP planning at the heart of business strategy?

In the last century assets were tangible. You could touch them. You could take out loans to buy them. You depreciated them. You insured and protected them. Assets have changed. They are mostly intangible now. Rules of how we view assets need to change too.

SMEs, start-ups and established large businesses can all benefit from understanding where IP planning can have a positive impact on their business. It’s no longer (if it ever was), that software is just zeros and ones. Whether it’s a service, a product, food tech, bio tech, packaging, saving the planet, or just about anything else, IP is in there, and it’s not only integral, it’s critical.

If you crunch data, actually a lot of big data, that’s now likely to involve complex machine learning and AI - meaning an IP asset is born. MMP can help you look at all the implications of this, from tax advantages to legal assignment contracts to HR implications and GDPR, to funding. Your business is too complex to just get tax credits in isolation.

This workshop demonstrates why businesses should take a wider view of IP and technology tax incentives and the positive impact it can have.

In developing IP, three key factors to consider are:

Protection: this may include assignment contracts with sub-contractors web developers & Patents being filed.

Value: lending against IP assets, licensing in and out, licensing back title, Patent Box tax relief, patent and prior art searches.

Confidentiality: this may include HR contracts, outsourcing, supply chain discussions, using external developers, advisors etc.

There is no charge for this workshop as the standard cost is being subsidised by the Swindon & Wiltshire Growth Hub, usual terms and conditions apply including qualifying criteria. For further information on the qualifying criteria please contact the Growth Hub Manager Jo Minnaar, email jo.minnaar@swlep.co.uk.". A 48 hour cancellation notice period via email is required otherwise the attendee cancelling may be liable to pay the full cost of the workshop, unforeseen circumstance will be taken into consideration.

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