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Level 1 Mental Health First Aid Awareness (9am-1pm) or Level 2 Mental Health First AId (9am to 3.30pm)

On the Level 1 course we will:

  • understand more about the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions including anxiety, stress, depression, psychosis, eating disorders and self-harm, and learn how to help support colleagues, friends or relatives with these conditions (including tips and strategies for yourself if applicable);
  • learn how to help someone with suicidal thoughts;
  • learn how to raise awareness of mental health conditions in the workplace;
  • identify factors which can affect a person's mental health; and
  • gain knowledge about advice and support which can be given to someone suffering from these conditions

The Level 2 course covers the Level 1 content, plus:

  • the potential effects of drug and alcohol misuse on mental health;
  • creating and applying a first aid action plan for an individual; and
  • look at ways to create a positive mental health culture in the workplace

Delegates can also join us for day 2 (Tuesday 5th November, same location) to complete the Level 3 qualification in Supervising Mental Health First Aid.

Barry's Fields Sports Ground, Weston Lane
Winterslow, Salisbury , Wiltshire
Tickets: £60/£85

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