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Running your own business can be an intense and scary experience. Most businesses go bust - fact. That's what happened to apparel designer Nick Hussey's first business, Vulpine.


What do you do when you've thrown everything - physically, emotionally, monetarily - into your business, only to watch it all slide away from you?


Now running his second venture, FRAHM Jacket, Nick talks with total honesty, humour and passion about what it's like to stake everything and lose. And how failure and mental collapse eventually has made his life and new business so much better.


Nick will find a route out of obsession, fear, pressure, workaholism, debt, burnout, shame, collapse and more, with a surprisingly light touch. April's Rooster Talk will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful, with practical ways to make your business and home life happier and more efficient.

Glove Factory Studios, 1 Brook Lane,
Holt , Wiltshire
BA14 6RL
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