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This webinar will provide an overview of fast ways of reorganization for the business from offline to online. It is important to stay in touch with your clients during the pandemic and provide options to purchase your services/goods: 

-    How to reorganize your business from offline to online?

-    Which instruments you can use for online to boost your sales

-    Why it is important to work with online payment methods

-    How to choose the best online payment method for your business to achieve the highest loyalty from the consumers

I will share different ways of how business support their clients using real cases.

Speaker: Valeria Vahorovska

Co-Founder and CEO of the Payment Platform FONDY

Valeria Vahorovska is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Payment Platform FONDY. We believe that the current pandemic of Covid-19 could be a great chance for a lot of businesses to start or reorganize business online for three reasons: 

1) People forced to be at home will have the need and desire to buy goods and services online rather than at bricks and mortar shops;

2) A large number of entrepreneurs will open online shops to take advantage of an environment conducive to online shopping, including services, such as online education, and goods which are hard to obtain through conventional channels; 

3) It is easier to find clients using online channels and promote services.

To help entrepreneurs during the pandemic time we have designed numerous value-added additions to our product offering, intended to make business easier for the E-Merchant and to focus its attention on its own growth plans rather than administrative tasks. 

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