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A step by step guide on how to create a successful ad by sharing my screen and walking you through the process of an ad creation. I will share the techniques I’m using today to grow sales from ads, even during Covid-19.

Speaker: Olly Whittle

Director SWARM Social

Specialist in ecommerce sales growth from Facebook and Instagram advertising handling budgets from £1000 to £1 million

For over 10 years Olly has been working with ecommerce sites to increase sales via their social media profiles and using Facebook and Instagram advertising. Facebook advertising has transformed sales for many of the businesses he has worked with including taking a company from £15K monthly revenue to half a million pounds in 3 months solely from Facebook ads. Over Black Friday and Christmas in 2019 many of his clients experienced a surge in sales and were achieving approximately 900% return on their ad spend using techniques and experience developed from spending over £1 million in advertising budget.

Olly has also created his own ecommerce stores and generated sales using his Facebook ads strategy, launched a mobile payment app BudiPay to help daily contractors in India be paid digitally rather than in cash and is a director of a charity in India that helps young women access education which is funded through purchases made from his own ecommerce stores

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