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American comedian and martial arts commentator Joe Rogan's podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience' earned  $30 million & generated 190 million downloads pcm in 2019. 

If you needed any more proof that Podcasting (audio & voice) is the next form of media to explode, Spotify has spent $500 million acquiring podcast companies (and they say they’re actively looking to spend another $500 million!). 

Probably the most common question I get asked is “Am I too late to the party to start a podcast?” My answer: 100% NO. Yes, the window of opportunity is closing. But if you don’t start your podcast during this lockdown - then honest truth, you were never going to start a podcast were you?

January 2019: 500,000 podcasts. January 2020: 850,000. Good news? 1 BILLION+ active Youtube Users. Million+ active blogs. The window is clearly closing. Opportunities exist for individuals to become media companies. But you’ve got to START. I started my Podcast, “Screw It, Just Do It” in 2017 & it changed my life. 3 years later my podcast‘s listened to in 140+countries, & generated 6 figures. Join me for my live webinar. It’s free & you‘ll discover how to start, scale & monetise your podcast.

Speaker: Alex Chisnall

Host of 'Screw it, Just Do it', #1 rated entrepreneurship podcast on iTunes

Alex helps ambitious brands and driven entrepreneurs tell their stories via the power of podcasting.

He founded his podcast agency, Screw It, Just Do It after the success of his own podcast changed his life.

From initially launching his own show and receiving just two downloads – clearly his wife & his mother – to last year getting a #1 rated business show all over the globe, from the UK to Uganda, his podcast – Screwitjustdoit – is now downloaded in 140+ countries.

Alex passionately believe that everybody deserves to be heard & everybody should have their own voice.

He’s on a mission to help ambitious brands & driven entrepreneurs who want to educate their existing customers about their products and services, and attract more like-minded listeners to become paying customers.

Alex and his team have helped create and launch numerous podcasts into Apple’s iTunes Top 20 chart from corporate brands through to regional startups.

He has a long-standing history with audio, having started his career at BBC Radio in the 1990’s before deciding to travel the world working for Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

Alex recently spent a number of years in the entrepreneurship space, working with Sir Richard Branson’s not-for-profit Virgin StartUp, helping entrepreneurs get funding & mentoring.

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