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During this ever-changing situation we find ourselves in, it is even more important for everyone in an organisation to understand the impact they can have on a customer's experience. Focusing on the key behaviours and actions of customer experience will enable businesses to deliver services that are safe, familiar and convenient.

This 1-hour webinar is designed for the employees to ready themselves for a return to the changing environment of work whether it is retail, construction or in an office. The impact and influence an individual can have on a customer's journey with any business are significant. The webinar will introduce concepts, ideas and actions that can be used in every company, every day in this complex and challenging world we find ourselves working in.

By attending the webinar, you will...

- Understand the need to focus on your customers and how they feel due to social distancing

- Learn how to maintain or change your behaviour on email, the phone and face to face to help deliver great customer service in a changing environment

- Identify the key actions that will enable you to deliver great customer service as lockdown lifts

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