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Do you have information all over the place - Excel spreadsheets, paper notes, Word documents, One Notes, a CRM system?  Is your electronic information stored on individual laptops or the Cloud?  Does everyone know how and where to find it?    

This is data, and it’s everywhere!    

It holds huge potential for your business.  Managed correctly, data can help you better understand your people and customers; give you increased knowledge of your business’ processes and sales pipeline and enable increased efficiency and rationalisation.  

So where do you start?  

In this first webinar Lucy Paine, the connector of all things tech in Swindon and North Wiltshire, will look at an actual business example to provide you with practical tips and tools to give you the confidence to start collating your information.  

Together with the consultant who helped the 80 year old manufacturing company, Lucy will look at how they supported the company to sort their data – newsletter lists, online orders, sales enquiries, HR (people data), emails – into one simple system.    

(Don’t worry, this is not a GDPR webinar - we are assuming the data held is being done so in a compliant way).  


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