dyson engineers working

Whilst there are many engineering apprenticeship standards on offer, businesses have noted the lack of a general engineering standard – too many are focused on niche roles. The group is being led by Dyson and is seeking the involvement of small engineering firms.

The new standard will have the following benefits:

  • Flexible and transferable, it will be useful to businesses with a range of roles available and changing in needs, or where someone has an engineering mind set but not yet focused on a specialised role.
  • The anticipated duration for the training is 48 months
  • Many engineering roles share common knowledge, skills and behaviours, as such, the first two years of the standard will focus on these
  • In years 3 and 4, apprentices will be given the opportunity to follow one of a range of specialisms. Current specialisms include electronics, manufacturing and mechanical engineer.
Current members of the Trailblazer Group see this standard as an effective route to training future managers, however there is still more work to do in establishing the apprenticeship. 

We are putting together a trailblazer group with a view to submitting an expression of interest at the end of November latest, and the standard shortly thereafter. There is lots of scope to tweak the core skills, knowledge and behaviour and certainly to add additional specialisms.

There will be a meeting for all those interested in the standard at Lower Ledge Farm on 31st October, from roughly 11:00-15:00. Its purpose will be to discuss what works and what doesn’t, rewrite aspects of the standard and draft some new specialisms as required. There is still a small number of places available at this event. If you are interested in attending, get in touch with Robyn Skelton to book their place, email [email protected] RSVP asap before 19th October.