As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, and business reopen, there are a multitude of feelings that will influence our choice of activities to return to, and when. According to Ipsos MORIthe national picture indicates that customer confidence varies dramatically by activity.

When insight6 asked residents of Dorset & Wiltshire the same questions the results illustrated some interesting differences v’s the rest of the UK.

We asked, ‘How comfortable, if at all, do you think you will feel doing each of the following in the way you did before the coronavirus pandemic began?’ and heard that;

In summary residents of Dorset & Wiltshire feel predominantly comfortable about meeting with family & friends and more comfortable than not about shopping and returning to their place of work. As schools begin a phased return parents have split feelings about sending their children back. Interestingly though, local residents are significantly more comfortable in these areas than the rest of the UK.

In line with the rest of the UK, local residents are not very comfortable about visiting bars and restaurants. Most notable is the lack of, local and national, confidence about attending large scale gatherings or using public transport.

So, what can you do to reassure your customers and deliver great customer experience as lockdown lifts?

Communicate your processes clearly and concisely

  • Ensure consistent communication across all channels, on site signage, verbal, website, social media etc.
  • Ensure all staff are clear on what the processes are, how they work and why they are in place
  • Ask your customers for feedback on how comfortable they felt during their interaction with your organisation and any suggested improvements
  • Take action based on the feedback to retain their custom and encourage recommendations

Ensure staff are supported

  • Train teams to deliver great customer service under social distancing conditions
  • Train teams to manage difficult situations and conversations
  • Regularly ask staff for feedback on how safe they feel at work and any suggested improvements
  • Take action based on the feedback provided and communicate with a ‘you said, we did’ message

We are helping local businesses to gather feedback about staff & customer confidence and measure the effectiveness of new processes. To support local businesses at this challenging time we are please to offer the discounted rates outlined.

Further questions within our research reveal:

1. How soon local residents envisage returning to each of these activities

2. What measures will help local residents to feel more comfortable

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