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getITright Ltd - Focusing on Core Business

getITright Consultants Know How to GETITRIGHT
By George Greig,
getITright Ltd Consultants:
The getITright Associate “pool” consists of a hand-selected group of senior professionals with an outstanding range of skills, huge experience and deep market knowledge. Their skills include:

Domain Expertise - Police, Fire & Ambulance, MoD, Central Govt, Local Govt, Finance & Retail
Programme & Portfolio Management
Project Management
Product Management
Solution & Technical Architecture

Recruitment is extremely focused, seeking to guarantee four key elements of their personal skills, which are:
Sector Knowledge & Experience

We insist on strong, proven leadership as a basic requirement for all our consultants, many of whom have had a successful uniformed career, either in Emergency Services or the Armed Forces as part of their back-story. The depth of domain expertise is second to none, whilst our Associates hold all appropriate qualifications, covering the leading methodologies and certifications. Major methodologies include:
Project Management - Agile, Waterfall, PMP, PRINCE2 and PRiSM

The 10 essential competencies for IT Professionals are embedded in our recruitment processes, ensuring the quality line for our Associates is always maintained at the highest standards. These competencies are:

#1: Understanding existing and emerging technologies
#2: Designing technical architecture
#3: Integrating systems
#4: Understanding business practices, approaches, organization, politics, and culture
#5: Managing projects; planning, prioritizing, and administering work
#6: Communicating and listening; gathering information
#7: Focusing on results
#8: Thinking strategically
#9: Influencing and persuading
#10: Being adaptable

Ensuring our recruitment processes are properly established following the above criteria enables us to guarantee the quality of Consultant that will getITright for our customers! Contact us on:

Tel:  0333 305 8995
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Web:  www.getitright-ltd.co.uk

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