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Is It Possible to Deliver Against Your Beliefs ?

getITright Ltd was set up to test a range of theories and none more so than whether it is possible to establish and grow a business which basis everything on openness, honesty and integrity.
By George Greig,

Throughout my life in industry I have desperately wanted to work for a company that believes in and operates in a truly open, honest and transparent manner, where integrity, mutual respect and teamwork are not just recruiting & marketing blurb, but sit right at the heart of everything they do. If this business also focused on delivering what they say, as opposed to saying what they deliver, actually shared the bad news with the customer as well as the good, and treated people as their number one asset, I would be in employment heaven. For me personally, finding such a company has proven to be a big issue, and please don’t misread this as a disloyal rant against previous employers, it is certainly not that, it is just recognition of the fact that these factors demand a very special blend that, for many reasons, big Corporates will always struggle to implement. However, I have eventually managed to find that company and I am delighted to say I own it, together with my partner, Simon Oddy. As a start-up, getITright Ltd is in the perfect position to build these qualities, practices and beliefs into its DNA and demonstrate that these guiding principles are not only desirable, but are genuinely deliverable. To me, good people, good products/services and good culture equals a great business, and I am committed to maintaining these standards as we develop and grow as a company. I have been around long enough to know this becomes ever more challenging as you grow, but that is a challenge we are delighted to accept.

I know and will be forever grateful that we have been able to hand-select our staff and Associate “pool”, many of whom are old friends and colleagues, all of whom are highly talented, extremely experienced and fully committed professionals; this is not something that many start-up businesses can call upon. Simon and I are determined to reward the outstanding support and loyalty that our people have shown since our launch.

The moral of the story is that with the right principles and a team that has no “I” within it, it is possible to work in an environment that includes respect, care, fun, enjoyment, reward, and success. Our challenge, of course, is to show we can maintain this culture as we grow. We genuinely believe it is doable and we will put everything into our efforts to prove it.

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