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Salisbury in Top 10 areas for retail ‘bounce- back’

The Retail Recovery Index data is created from the number of shoppers entering stores using a nationally representative sample of retail outlets across the UK.
By Sarah Pearce,

The South West has shown one of the faster bounce-backs regionally, with shopper numbers at -21.3% lower respectively than in 2019, in comparison to London’s -31.3% and Wales’s -31.6%.

More specifically, Salisbury made the ‘Top 10 bounce-back cities’, showing an impressive retail recovery with footfall now only -15.5% lower than the same period in 2019.

Senior Retail Analyst at Ipsos, Oliver Hiller, explains:

 ‘The continued success of smaller cities and large towns suggests that many shoppers continued to visit stores close to their homes, rather than travelling to visit major cities’.

Read the full report here.