PCH Business Support has created a series of monthly support packages starting at £249 a month which includes a FREE initial business review and ongoing support for start ups - the  level of support can be increased based on the amount of support needed as the business grows or for larger companies needing a higher level of support.  

“We would strongly recommend Paul to any business looking to move forward.  Paul gets to the core of the business and can quickly interpret ways to help and add value” WTKI - Rita Nardone


 All businesses need help at some stage, someone with perspective to look over the business and spot the things that might be changed or improved, help you grow or overcome a challenge - there are many basic courses and some level of free support out there, which normally covers the first 12 hours, this gives you the basics but what happens next? What you need is someone who really understands your business, can work with you and helps you with the specifics.

Normally, business advice, consultants and coaches can be very expensive and difficult to afford for start-ups and smaller businesses looking to grow. After countless requests from all across Swindon, Wiltshire and surrounding areas for help and lots of sighs when the costs are discussed, I decided to see if we could find a way to help that was affordable but still made business sense.

“Paul is very personable and gets to the heart of the business very quickly. He’s helped me to focus on the bigger picture. I’ve been working with PCH Business Support for over 6 months now and am really glad I have. If you’re looking for support for your own business I would highly recommend him” Hadi Brooks Rays Ice Cream


In most cases an initial review and all the suggestions, questions and ideas it generates, can be enough to set the path for a business to really get going and set goals, then with occasional calls and a follow up session each month, businesses can begin to thrive. 

“I had a session with Paul and found it very helpful, he got me to look at my business in a different way and challenged my vision in a constructive manner. I think we ended up talking for nearly 2 and a half hours and at no point did the meeting seem rushed. We spoke about every aspect of my business and the development, it was very helpful.” Lloyd Smith - Incarcerated


To find out more information contact Paul@pchbusinesssupport.co.uk or call 07715008521