Every day on TV, on radio and online we're hearing of the huge effort by all walks of the community to cope with the outbreak of COVID19.  We bring you the latest stories from across the local area... but what we want to hear are the stories from you.

You may want to document the move to working from home, how you've adapted your business to lockdown, the impact of furloughing staff, how you've turned your hand to creating PPE or even other mechanisms for the support of the community.  We want to hear from you and are asking you to video your experiences and send them to us.

The part you are playing in this outbreak is very important.  Whether it is heart breaking news or an adaptation others could learn from, your contribution can make a difference.

Have you seen or been involved in a Coronavirus community effort?

Is something significant, bizarre or unusual happening where you live or work?

Have you got a story to tell?  Or is there something you think we should follow up?

Are there topics you want to get the business world talking about?

Your contribution could make a real difference to others and help the Government understand some of the stories from on the ground.

If possible film your videos landscape.  Make sure you introduce yourself and your business.  And let us know what is happening for you during this period of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Videos can be shared with us via any of our social media channels or through emailing [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.