Wiltshire-based Chipside's MiPermit, the digital platform used by Wiltshire Council for providing convenience for residents’ parking and permit services, has reached 2m registered public users in the UK. The application enables car park operators to issue and accept electronic payments for resident and visitor permits.

More local authorities are moving away from permit services that only operate during office hours, and towards customer self-service accounts that can be accessed at any time of the day. Digital permit systems such as MiPermit can be configured to enable customers to purchase any number of permits to a limit set by local policy. Digital permits can then be self-administered by the resident, who can update visitor vehicle registration numbers online.

Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for highways, said: “At Wiltshire Council we are continuously striving to provide the best public services for our residents and visitors. MiPermit is an easy-to-use and efficient platform that we are confident supports the changing needs of our community.”
“We now work with more than 170 local authorities to deliver digital parking and permits for residents and visitors,” comments Chipside CEO, Paul Moorby OBE. “Their continued support in growing our user base enables us to drive development of the MiPermit platform to meet the potential of the UK’s connected cities.”

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