Every company must confirm that their information held on the Companies House register, is up to date and accurate. You do this by filing an annual confirmation statement. No matter whether your company is trading or dormant you must file at least once a year. If this document is not filed your company and officers could be prosecuted and the company could be struck off the register.

There is confusion about when to file this document and what changes you can make at the time of filing. So, here are some tips.

Nothing’s changed

Even if nothing has changed you will still need to file a confirmation statement. You do this by checking your information is correct and confirming that nothing has changed…simply check and confirm.

You can check your company’s details on the Companies House website.


The only changes that you can make when filing your statement are to your;

  • SIC code,
  • Statement of capital,
  • Trading status of shares,
  • Shareholder information and
  • Exemption from keeping a PSC register.

You do this by completing the additional information section on the confirmation statement form.

You must make any other changes before the statement is filed.

Review period vs payment period

Working out these periods is where confusion can arise but remember you must file a confirmation statement at least once every 12 months.

Review period

The review period runs for 12 months beginning from the date of your incorporation or the date you filed your last confirmation statement. At the end of this period, you have 14 days to file your statement.

For example, if you incorporated your company on 1 January 2018 your review period ends on 31 December 2018 and you must file a statement by 14 January 2019.

You can file a statement at any time during your review period. If you file a confirmation statement early, it will start a new 12 month review period.

Payment period

Your payment period is separate from your review period. You pay only once every 12 months. Your payment period will run for either 12 months from your incorporation date if you are a new company. Or from 12 months from your last payment if you are an older company. You can't change this date.

You only have to pay the annual fee with your first confirmation statement in the 12 month payment period. You can then file as many confirmation statements as you want in this payment period.

For example, your company’s payment period starts on 1 January 2018 and ends on 31 December 2018. Filing your statement on 30 September 2018, you must pay the fee. If you file another statement on 1 December 2018, you do not have to pay again.

From 1 January 2019 you would need to pay another fee with your next statement as it’s a new payment period.


An easy way to eliminate this confusion is to sign up for email reminders. We will then remind you when your confirmation statement is due for filing.

Save money

It costs £13 to file your confirmation statement online, and £40 to send us a paper form. To file online you’ll need your password and authentication code. If you do not have these, you’ll need to register for online filing.