Swindon-based Excalibur Communications, a communications and IT solutions provider, has hosted the South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit’s Cyber Crime Prevention workshop in Swindon. Thirty businesses attended the event to learn how to reduce their exposure to potential cyber attacks and how best to protect their business from these disruptive and costly incursions.

With 43% of UK businesses experienced an attack or breach in 2018, the aim of the event was to raise awareness of the threat of cyber crime to businesses in the region.   SWRCCU experts updated delegates on the latest scams, spoofs and phishing emails that hackers are using, and how best to identify them before serious damage is caused.

The SWRCCU invited teams of delegates to ‘play out’ protecting a fictional LEGO business.  Whilst some teams managed to navigate network security challenges  successfully, others suffered serious data breaches and virus issues resulting in anything from a £5m fine that bankrupted one LEGO company to blowing up a production plant! 

Other topics covered during the day included; creating secure passwords, what to do in the event of a security breach and the layers of protection required to mitigate risk.

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