Ruth has identified three main priorities for 2019.

Firstly, working to support town centres across Wiltshire through supporting Council bids for the Future High Street Fund and member engagement in local project planning teams. 

Secondly, working with local Police and Crime Commissioners to support members particularly in the areas of rural and cyber-crime. 

Finally, members often feedback that the costs of doing business are growing not only financially but in time spent on administration.  The FSB team will lobby on the issues of removal of bank branches and reduced access to cash machines.

They will also seek to provide advice and support on coping with the issues of late payment. If any of these issues are close to your heart as a business please do feel free to get in touch with Ruth by email Ruth.Lambert at There are various ways to get involved from attending events, giving feedback and even representing the FSB in different forums. Why not help make a change in your local area?