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For businesses, Brexit can be a complex and fast changing picture, therefore at times we can’t always provide black and white answers on how to deal with some issues.  However there is support in a number of key areas that are related to Brexit that will help deal with some of the uncertainty, enabling business continuity and growth.  Besides creating a ‘place’ on our website where you can access this content...

we invite you to share useful info on our site, particularly specific Brexit information related to your industry.

Here are a number of business tips and links that you may find useful, keeping you on top of the latest Brexit developments:

1. “Hot of the Press” 

For Government Brexit announcements relating to business, subscribe to Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the Department for Exiting the European Union  for their latest email alerts; this will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

2.  Business Support Experts
Many of our local business support organisations offer very comprehensive advice and information, for example:

Business West 
Within their ‘Brexit and Business’ area of the website, Business West offers Brexit related news, articles, events and even a ‘Brexit Calculator’  to discover what your duty rates could be to ship goods to and from the E.U Post-Brexit.

Federation of Small Business 
The FSB carries a ‘Small Business Brexit Pack’ on its website, this includes their Brexit ‘Scenario’ area containing documents that look at various aspects of business and potential Brexit scenarios.

There are many, many more business support organisations out their ready to offer information and advice.

3.  ‘Helping Hands’ – Higher Futures  

Businesses tell us that one of the biggest challenges Brexit arrangements may present them with, is the skills challenge.  Get in touch with the our Higher Futures Skills Hub Team for a visit from one of our Skills Advisers who will carry out a free bespoke skills diagnostic in preparation for any future challenges and more importantly potential opportunities that arise.

4.  Events and workshops  

Events are always a great opportunity to not only get the latest business information but also network with like-minded people facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Meet your MP - Breakfast Event 
January 25, Devizes Corn Exchange, Organiser - Inspire

Hear from Claire Perry, MP for Devizes and Minister of State in the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Department and ask any questions you would like to put to her. These can be on national issues such as Brexit or the Government's Industrial Strategy.

Wiltshire Business Breakfast - FREE 
November 15, Devizes Corn Exchange, Organiser – Citation

The HR & Safety Business Briefing in Wiltshire workshop  will provide practical advice and tips to help tackle those problem areas of HR & Safety in your business including a discussion on any impacts Brexit may have on business.

The Challenges & Opportunities Facing the Agricultural Sector – FREE 
14 November, Cullompton, Organiser – Natwest and the NFU

This important agriculture event will bring together some of the industry’s key stakeholders to discuss its future in 2019 and beyond.

5. Expertise with a Focus  

Industry and Trade bodies are able to provide advice and information that is more finely tailored to assist your specific business needs. If you don’t belong to a trade related organisation it may still be worth keeping an eye on any communications that they are putting out.  For example:

EEF  the manufacturers’ organisation carries a library of ‘Briefing’ Documents specifically related to Brexit.  They are free to download and examine areas such as ‘Rules of Origin’ and ‘UK Trade with the EU’

The above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advice and information available to business – Contact us at the Swindon & Wiltshire Growth Hub to find out more.