The Innovation Growth Lab is offering research funding for randomised controlled trials generating evidence on the most effective approaches to increasing innovation, supporting high-growth entrepreneurship and accelerating business growth. Organisations are invited to submit proposals by 29 October 2018.

The IGL Grants programme is one of the activities of the Innovation Growth Lab (IGL), a
global collaboration of researchers, governments and foundations that aim to make
innovation and entrepreneurship policy more experimental and evidence-based.
The IGL Grants programme is funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the
Argidius Foundation, and Nesta to support randomised controlled trials (RCTs) that build the evidence base on the most effective approaches to increase innovation, support high-growth entrepreneurship and accelerate business growth.

While the research in this area has advanced in the past decade, numerous open
questions remain as to how innovation and entrepreneurship can best be encouraged
and supported. Many schemes have been developed with this aim but evaluations of
their effects have typically used weak methodologies and therefore do not provide
convincing evidence on their impacts. There is a need to experiment with different
approaches and, crucially, learn what works and what doesn’t.

In parallel, there has been very little use of RCTs in the area of innovation and
entrepreneurship, in comparison to other fields like development, health, education or
social policy. Although there are many approaches to generating good evidence, RCTs represent the ‘gold standard’ of causal evidence and can be a very useful tool for
organisations to measure the impact of their interventions, or compare the impact of
different versions.
The IGL Grants programme therefore aims to increase the use of RCTs in innovation and entrepreneurship research and evaluation by providing research funding and project
management support to researchers and programme delivery organisations interested in undertaking RCTs that relate to these topics. This may range from small design grants to
support researchers in earlier stages of trial development to grants for full-scale trial
Full details can be found at the IGL website www.innovationgrowthlab.org/funding-opportunities