Having the right digital skillset is paramount in today's economy, no matter your business or sector. Ensuring that we have a constant information flow with employers to understand the very latest gaps you are either experiencing now or anticipating for the future is critical to success for our region. Please take the time have a look at the survey below being run by Innovate UK and the CBI to help piece this information together. Any questions or comments feel free to get in touch with us at

Digital and data-driven technologies are transforming our societies, workplaces and lives. For businesses across the UK economy, digitisation is boosting growth, invigorating innovation, and driving international competitiveness. This is leading to changes in skills needs for business.

In the coming years, businesses’ ability to adopt these technologies will be determined in large part by the skills within the UK workforce – often called digital skills. But businesses and policymakers need more evidence on what these diverse skills needs are and how they are changing, to prepare the UK workforce and get ahead of the curve.

The CBI has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services to conduct a survey to investigate how skills needs are changing, the extent of digital skills gap for UK business, and how companies are ensuring their workforces have the skills needed to take advantage of the digital revolution.   

The questions in this survey are aimed at those within your business who have an understanding of your employees, your recruitment and the use of technology across your business. As a result, please do forward the survey on to the individual within your business who will be best placed to answer such questions on behalf of your organisation.

This survey consists of approximately 20 questions and should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.

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