With an average footfall of 150,000 visits per month across Wiltshire Council leisure centres and over 10,000 fitness members there is an attractive marketing opportunity available which we would like to explore with you. We have digital space available through TV screens in our centres as well as on gym equipment screens, over 15,000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter, space for posters and flyers or a combination thereof in the centres and opportunities to engage directly with our members in sites.

Whether that's for general promotion of your products and services or a bespoke offer directed towards our members, we have an audience that could benefit you. Wiltshire Council manages 10 leisure centres in the county including four new facilities built as part of the council’s campus programme; at Tisbury, Salisbury, Corsham and Pewsey, alongside 6 existing leisure centres in Amesbury, Calne, Devizes, Durrington, Marlborough and Tidworth.  

We would like to explore the possibility of extending the breadth of our member benefits by running membership competitions for new members and additional incentive’s for our member referral programme. In order to do this we're seeking gifted prizes that we could provide as incentives for these competitions and in return we could offer advertising space for an agreed period of time.

This could cover the whole geography of our leisure centre provision or be focused on a particular area depending on your company, product, target audience and the gift offered.

We're also looking to provide branded gym merchandise to use to recognise loyalty and reward success with our members and would like to find a partner to develop this proposal with. If this is something that you would be interested in exploring further with us please get in touch so that we can discuss. Please contact Alex Muse, Business Manager, Wiltshire Council Leisure Services on [email protected]