It’s National Apprenticeship Week – when employers and training providers recognise and celebrate the success of their apprentices. But what about the young people and employers yet to start their apprenticeship journey? How do they separate fact from fiction and understand if apprenticeships are the right route for them?

SupplyTrain’s apprenticeship quizzes can help.

A quiz created by SupplyTrain as part of a marketing campaign for Swindon and Wiltshire LEP has been adapted by Amazing Apprenticeships for inclusion in their #NAW2019 resource pack for all schools in England. It’s been a great success already with thousands of completions and really positive feedback from school careers leads.

You can take the young person’s quiz at the Amazing Apprenticeships website.

But what about employers?

Without employers there are no apprenticeships, so SupplyTrain – a social enterprise that supplies free, impartial training and apprenticeship advice to businesses – has also created an employers’ apprenticeship quiz...

This quiz helps employers understand who is eligible for apprenticeships, what the financial incentives are, how degree-apprenticeships can help you attract great talent and much, much more!

You can take the Employers’ Apprenticeship Quiz on the SupplyTrain website.

Or get in touch with our team of apprenticeship experts for impartial, employer-focused apprenticeship advice:



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