For start up businesses

New employers are required to provide certain staff with a workplace pension and declare compliance to The Pensions Regulator. But did you know that pension responsibilities are ongoing? 

Once you’ve enrolled your staff and told The Pensions Regulator how you’ve met your workplace pension responsibilities, you need to continue assessing your workforce, maintaining regular contribution payments, keeping records relating to the scheme and managing requests from staff to join or leave the scheme. Make sure you understand what your ongoing duties are by visiting The Pensions Regulator ongoing duties page.


For employers who have already enrolled staff

Providing a workplace pension is a continuing process for employers and there are responsibilities to carry out after you’ve put your staff into a pension. As part of your ongoing responsibilities, every three years you are required to put all eligible staff who aren’t currently members of your workplace pension, into the scheme.

This process is called re-enrolment and it must be done for all employees that meet the age and earning criteria. Find out more about re-enrolment by visiting The Pensions Regulator’s re-enrolment online page.